I took Madison Luvv to some store that specializes in home decor. I believe it was called HomeGoods. I thought it would be the perfect place to shoot with only very light foot traffic around. Boy, was I wrong. The place was crawling. In fact, I am usually wrong about this sort of thing and public places. My track record is less than stellar. It's as if crowds have a sixth sense for when I'm about to shoot a pretty girl like Madison being mischievous. I always have to wait for some shopper to move to the next aisle so the girl can bend over or hike up her skirt playfully. Sometimes people get a free peak. All I can do is hope they are of the proper mindset to appreciate. The worst that ever happens is some loyal employee tells us we can't take photos in their fine establishment. I generally succeed in making sure this does not occur until after I have snapped a few pics. Once we had enough of HomeGoods, we hit up the grocery store. Madison was a trooper and giggled the whole way through.