Zach, you need to do this and do that because I pay you a few bucks every month. Dude, I just like to take pictures of beautiful women. If you think these photos are entertaining, then sit back and enjoy. I have my hands full exploring my own kinks. I photograph stuff that still manages to turn me on and does not make me feel like I have lost all humanity from within. Porn will sometimes suck the shit out of my soul. I end up craving more and more depravity. But anyways, Zishy is my fuck-you to marketing properly, a fuck-you to looking at the analytics and thinking which demographic to tap into, a fuck-you to kissing ass that does not belong to an attractive female. I don't care. I can live poor if you all decide to bail. I can get a job at Starbucks. I can make your next latte. I can smile and convince you that your satisfaction is important to me. But only then.