When I asked Odette Eriksson if she ever drinks straight from the bottle, she fessed up and said yes, but only when no one is looking, especially her roommate. So as she did this horrendous act for some photos, she kept an eye out for any approaching cars. She did not want to get caught orange-handed. Personally, its hard for me to live with any other type of girl. If I constantly feel like I'm under the surveillance of the germ police, I freak out. My cat licks his own butt and seems to survive. If I ingest some germs due to not washing my hands incessantly or eating some food that accidentally touched the floor, I might just live to tell the tale. Odette was spunky, fun, and daring. She didn't even bat an eye when I asked her if I could get a shot where the sun showed through her shirt like in #15.