Here's what this spunky youngster, Veronica Hatley, has to say about herself: "Hello! I am Veronica, 18 years old, an aspiring actress just moved to Hollywood, California from Miami, Florida. I am bubbly, fun, sweet, and supremely confident with an unshakable innocence, in many ways like Marilyn Monroe. I am one who cannot stand to be out of the spotlight. I love everything about film, to me everything looks better on a silver screen. I love drama I have seen a million movies and have always fantasized about being the leading lady. Ever since I was born. I am no stranger to the cold sting that this industry inflicts, my father was a star for 10 years and then the curtain closed on him. My mansion in Miami and most of my things disappeared (but not my dream) then I went from Princess Veronica to Average... in 2003 i said good-bye to miami and hello to a boring life in "The Bay" then back to Miami (my hometown) to a trailer park in Richmond, now I have made it to Hollywood. I intend to take this city and America. And introduce to them something marvelous." She was fun, I took her to the mall. She was a little shy.