Stacie Jaxxx used to call herself Avril Vagine. No, seriously. I must agree though that at some angles, Stacie does resemble the real Avril. What ever happened to the pop sensation? Is she still creating MP3s for people to illegally share? It must be depressing for artists to invest money, time, and energy into their work only to see it shared without restriction. I'd hate to be in that position. Oh darn, wait, I am! Anyways, I just got all the dirt on Avril (via Wikipedia). Seems she has been married, and divorced, and diligently working on her 5th album for years. However, it still has yet to be released. Luckily, you folks have Stacie Jaxxx, Avril's doppelganger, to fill in until Ms. Vagine, I mean, Lavigna drops the next masterpiece.