Tabitha Bishara laughed at me when I asked her to try on these "shorts". She thought they wouldn't fit her. Obviously she was totally wrong. So half her buttocks hang out the bottom. Big D. What she ought to be worried about are her shoes. Believe me, I give credit to Converse and Chuck Taylor for designing a fantastically aesthetic shoe ... IN THE 1920s! But if you've ever been brainwashed enough by TV/magazines/The Ramones into buying a pair, you understand how horrible they serve as functional footwear. First of all, you can't put them on easily. You can't walk very far in them without obtaining a blister. The ankle support you get from the shoe is laughable. The bones in your feet would be better served wearing flip-flops if you land a drop from even a small height. And they do very little in the way of insulation from hot or cold weather. But I digress! Tabitha looks cute in them.