Met Reese Berkman off the Internet. She is 20 years old and from Minnesota. Reese wants to be a fashion model. Reese is tall, thin, and pretty, so she's not completely hopeless. Reese dropped her phone in water. Took her to the Sprint store to look at replacements. Reese was hungry. We went to the mall. She drank most of my boba tea and feasted on a Mongolian noodle dish. Reese overdoes the salt and pepper on her meals. Reese can gorge for being such a thin person. After dinner, we shopped, purchased new gauges for Reese's ears, and took risky photos in several stores. One highlight was sneaking into a "closed" fitting room at Forever 21. After the mall, Reese asked to stop for more boba. My mom's cat is a couch potato. Daft Punk's "Human after all" is the song in the bonus video.