I'm gonna be real with you on this one. Noelle Easton was in some physical pain for these photos, but she always aims to please, and so did not let it show. At the end of our shoot, the 18 year-old practically broke down in tears from the agony she was holding back. And I felt like chewed gum for not noticing it earlier. See, hardcore porn can be very demanding on a girl's body. Male talent is not always considerate to its female counterparts, which was the case for Noelle. She was injured during a recent production with an insensitive meat-head. The next time you are watching your favorite star get pummeled, do not be fooled. It is rarely pleasant for the girl. The performers are experts at putting on a show. I am often surprised at how deep the masquerade runs by reading Twitter posts that are so far from the person's true character. Try not to let porn's theater shape your views of healthy, enjoyable sex. Adult entertainment is about as real as pro-wrestling.