Coco Rose is a 20-something stunning brunette with a kinky side. I was lucky to meet and photograph her. Even though I'm not a huge fan of porn, I keep an eye on a small segment of the industry. I have noticed that every site seems to fall into a comfortable routine and eventually becomes very predictable. Predictable entertainment, talk about an oxymoron. As an artist, that terrifies me. I know that if I do not keep it interesting for myself, it definitely won't stay interesting for you, the viewer. How does one prevent that? One evolves. Unfortunately, so many people are too afraid to do the very thing. The reason I bring this up today is because much of the 'glamcore' industry does high-key lighting with models in white garments, just like how I did here with Coco. Fear not, I shall not succumb to the glamcore formula and castrate myself creatively. It just sure looked nice on Coco in her thin white leggings.