Holly Benson is back with her most well-ventilated pair of undies. I moved to Brentwood this past May. Brentwood is a somewhat upscale area in Los Angeles. I'm not here because I am making a grip of money. It is mostly due to the steal I was able to grab on my friend's previous residence. He decided to move in with his girlfriend. Poor chap. Nearby, there are streets lined with insanely expensive houses. I decided to take Holly to one of these streets for photos. I figured there would not be many people home in the middle of a weekday. I was right, however there were plenty of landscapers and the like working for the privileged owners. I imagine it is difficult to focus on trimming hedges while a young woman is rolling around in a short dress across the street. And if she looks like Holly ... well you better watch them fingers, bub!