Dillion Harper bounced and climbed and contorted herself for this gallery. And me, in my limited wisdom, did not capture any video of it. Let it be known, I will deliver you video when I am given the opportunity. In fact, today, I shelled out cash for my first legit copy of video-editing software. To Adobe’s credit, they have finally wised up and offered people a way to use their products without forking over a hefty initial investment. But I did not pirate, even though I easily could have. May be I am getting long in the tooth. Anyways, it is clear that I am serious about video. Today, I also discovered and was hypnotized by this odd little gem of music: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FH-q0I1fJY . Ever heard of Grimes? Almost as hypnotic as watching Dillion work out.