Gloria Paquette is a stoner. She has a health condition and marijuana helps .... yada, yada, yada. Look, the truth is many people like how getting high feels. Is it escapism? Yeah, but so is drinking alcohol, so is recreational sex, so is music, so are books, so is getting all worked up about athletes throwing around a ball and trying to tackle one another. People like a bunch of different and often pointless things. I do enjoy getting high every now and then, but I also realize that it comes with a price, at least for me. I become less productive, more prone to mood swings, etc. So I keep it to a minimum. Gloria says she is not able to function without her weed. She smokes wax or "dabs" which are much more potent than simply smoking the marijuana flower, hence the sinister-looking apparatus. It also requires the use of a butane torch, not shown here. At first, even I was taken aback at the sight.