Do you like girls with a high IQ? If so, enjoy Haley Gladwell. Not only does looking at her make one think of Major Lazer's Bubble Butt song, but she could probably run circles around you and I in the brain department. She is double-majoring in two impressive fields which I can not recall at the moment, being the mental midget that I am. Something in forensics or microbiology or quantum physics, most likely. Not only does she kill it academically at UCLA, but she also works a retail job, runs an Etsy store, and models, not just for lechers like myself, but for actual fashion photogs. That slender 5'10 frame gets put to good use. This is the roof atop Haley's student housing where she says the bad kids come up to neck and get high. How Haley knows this, I can only fantasize about.