I saw you there behind the fence. Your eyes half crazy, on a man who has lost control of his sense of space, time, priorities, everything. You were probably just out for an innocent Sunday morning stroll and suddenly, WHAM! You saw Her. Brother, I feel your pain. I know now that it was cruel of me to show you Adolisca Cooley, have her bend, tease, and then whisk her away as if she had never been there at all. I pray you were drunk or high and the memories of this morning no longer haunt you. In actuality, I am forced to envy you, my brother. You do not have some cheap substitute for the real Adolisca. You have no substitute at all. Perhaps it is better that way. You observed, became completely possessed, and within a few minutes it was vapor. Can't you see, you are the free one now, as but I will remain a slave to these pictures? They're real, folks.