I once had a job. It was not exactly what I would call a stressful job, and I did work for a great man. Just the same, it was a job and it sucked. I am not saying that you should say fuck-all to your 'career', refuse to sit in front of a computer trying to make other people rich, and just do something that makes you happy. I would never say that. However, it did work for me (so far). And no, my life is not perfect, in fact, very far from it. But most days, even if just for a few moments, you will find something bright from ear to ear on my face. And no one ever confuses it as belonging to someone else. April Grantham hardly ever stops smiling. It appears to be completely natural. I dig that. The song April rocks out to in the video is "Dance Pt. 1" from the Rolling Stones.