I used to work for a man who photographed naked girls for a living. His photos did not leave much to the imagination. This man also had a family, including a daughter, who was quite pretty. Sadly, he died over a year ago before his kids were out of high school. I still wonder if he would have supported his daughter if she desired to model for his type of work. I think I would have to swallow my reservations if I faced a similar situation. I would not want to be a hypocrite in my own child's eyes. I would, however, explain that she should not expect a career from that sort of modeling. If she was only doing it for money, it would be a horrible idea. Now, adventure--that is a different story. I can always get behind a middle finger to the conservative mindset. Marley Kunis says her father holds some sort of prestigious position. I hope that he, and all the fathers of Zishy girls, never feel shame for their daughter's decision. And you dads out there reading this, how would you react to your kid posing for sexy photos--given they are of age, of course?