Marina Visconti is a Russian adult actress filled with adventurous energy. I have been to Russia a few times. The general ideology there is a conservative one. Again, I don't care what you believe in as long as it does not hurt others. And when a person makes women feel like crap for taking sexy photos, that hurts me. Not cool. Marina walks on the wild side. You and I may not have the courage, talent, granted, nor the desire to do what she does. But if an extreme sportsman can survive his/her lifestyle and entertain us in the process, we do not question their intelligence. We should view XXXtreme entertainers the same way. So if you are a middle-aged woman sitting at Baja Fresh and you see me taking a picture of another woman playfully exposing her breasts, please shove that burrito back in your mouth and mind your own fucking business. This too shall pass.