Firstly, I already know what you are thinking... What the hell does GICU mean? Let me put your mind at ease: Girls In Cute Underwear. This guy, Doug, publishes a blog called 'girlsincuteunderwear'. Find it on Tumblr. He has been a Zishy sponsor for well over a year and from time to time he asks me to take some GICU-branded shots. Now on to April Grantham, she is 18 and is wonderful. She attends college in Washington and considers herself a fairy/pixie. I had to ask her to explain, but she was elusive, which is probably one of the traits of a fairy. I am going to venture and say that some other fairy qualities are being charming, spiritual, beautiful, positive, and fascinated by nature. I did not see her take flight, but there is definitely something magical to April.