Little Megan Salinas is the new kid on the block. Making her rounds with all the adult production companies in Los Angeles. But she doesn't do boy/girl scenes. I respect when people have their limits. It's good to draw the line somewhere in the sand, even if it appears quite arbitrary. I joke with my friends, saying that I'll become a porn star, but I'm going to stick only to solo and boy/boy. No boy/girl for me. Cuz that's the Mt. Everest of porn. From what I've seen, this is how many adult performers view it. Somehow solo material is not as "bad" as girl/girl, And girl/girl is definitely less scandalous than boy/girl. Then you have things like interracial, anal, ATM, creampie, etc. It gets very technical. I wonder if this hierarchy exists outside the inner circles of the adult industry? Does Joe Blow think that if a girl masturbates on camera that somehow it is less degrading/distasteful than her having sex with a dude on camera? I've gone too far down the rabbit hole. I feel I've lost all objectivity. S.O.S. Megan was fun and sweet and did a great job putting up with my nuttiness.