Another trip to Texas. This time for a bold beauty named Heaven Starr. Austin is an addictive place. Many thousands have migrated there over the last decade, including my own mom and sisters. Crippling Traffic, gentrification, and commercial takeover are all part of the new Austin struggle. The city's slogan is "Keep Austin weird." I smell bullshit. Truly strange places do not need slogans. They can't help but be weird. Legislation is how you maintain the spirit of a city. Keep national chains out via zoning. Enforce strict rent control. Allow people to enjoy their recreational drugs of choice. Maintain a very loose policy on public nudity, that's how you do it. Not by putting a K.A.W. sticker on your BMW and wearing funky pants. Heaven is heavenly. She does not stress over others' inhibitions. "Running with the Devil" by Van Halen is the song in the bonus video.