An Indian Summer is when Summer weather unexpectedly returns in the middle of the Fall/Winter seasons. When Nina invited the photographer over to her apartment, she made sure that her boyfriend would be at work. She had a feeling that the BF would not approve of the racy photos that Nina intended to take. The photographer had barely put her into a second outfit, which was one of the most revealing from her own closet, when Nina heard the door open and someone walk in. "Honey, what are you doing home?" Yes, it was the BF returning several hours early from work. Awkward introductions followed. The BF fell silent and tension filled the small apartment. Nina's attempts at humor in order to deflect the situation failed miserably. The BF grew sulky and visibly irritated. The photo shoot was over. Nina, trembling, threw clothes on to cover the skimpy lingerie and said goodbye to the photographer. She assured him that they could finish the shoot in a couple of days. The photographer knew he would never hear from Nina again.