On this Cinco de Mayo, we head south to share a picnic with Susanna Torres. She isn't from Mexico, but do you care? Susanna is quite the ray of sunshine and is photographed here by "Pepe", our newest contributor. Pepe used to be a shy, overweight degenerate with four children in an abusive marriage. He was always broke and unhappy. Under the tutelage of Andrew Tate's Hustler University, Pepe started eating clean, working out, and becoming more business-minded. He eventually amassed a fortune by scamming tourists in his country, but sadly, had to abandon his family while on this journey to personal empowerment. Long story short, Pepe felt empty inside, even while driving a Ferrari F8 Spider. So over the last year, Pepe decided to reinvent himself yet again and become a respectable photographer of nude women. Congrats, Pepe. Don't let me down.