These are photos of Sofi Levchenko taken by her friend in Ukraine. Surprisingly, they did not have thousands of dollars to invest in camera equipment in their war-torn country. Nor was Sofi's friend very experienced as a photographer. But we still get Sofi, who is always stunning. And the work helps these women out, which is oddly rewarding to my cold, misogynistic heart. Yes, that is sarcasm. And you do not hate women either, despite how much polite society would judge you for looking at Zishy or smut in general. You enjoy seeing images of beautiful, healthy, naked women. Embrace it. Appreciate women by showing them respect in real life. Smut isn't real life. It is inspiration. It is a vision of what can be if you get your shit together. Or if you happen to find yourself in a committed relationship, smut is a healthy alternative to that gas station Viagra.