This is Ellena Woods. She is a teenage homebody from Washington state with a bit of a dark personality and snarky humor. She webcams and does some nude modeling. As a general rule, Ellena avoids the sun. I, being a human genius, took her to the original Muscle Beach which is located next to the Santa Monica Pier. Every now and then, I go out and fool tourists into thinking I am an acrobat. My body ends up hating me for the following day or two. Ellena told me I was breaking new ground capturing her outdoors in public. She had a few shy moments, but justifiably so; there was a shit ton of people out. By and by, Ellena proved to be a fine cohort. The song in the brief bonus video is "40 Summers" by Tommy Guerrero. At the end of the clip, Ellena attempts a slower cartwheel so that we see up her shirt. A for effort, Ms. Woods.