One of the simple, undeniable truths is that haters are going to hate. If you are only here for nudity, you will be disappointed from time to time, because that is not my end game. I assume we all have seen an image of a big, steamy, gaping vagina. Now let's move forward. As the tagline reads, Zishy means photos that leave something to the imagination. I do not promise you bare breasts. I do not promise you bare ass. All I promise is to share sexy images of beautiful women, or at least, images that I find sexy of women that I find beautiful...Cole Esenwein is a perfect example. I know you will not always approve of my decisions, but the wonderful thing is that they are MY decisions. They are not the decisions of some cackle of art directors and managers working within a soulless corporation, pandering to the common denominator's dollars. You are getting one dude's labor of love.