Yvette Nolot is inspired by both Audrey Hepburn and, judging by her "baby" poster, Jennifer Grey. I love how Yvette is natural, elegant, adorable, and kinky. Those are all adjectives that I hope people use when describing Zishy. This site is pro-woman. I am a believer. Women will eventually be treated with the same respect as men. They will be paid equally and they will be given control over their sexuality and body. Upon viewing Zishy, some might think that I don't respect women. I may objectify sex and beauty, but I am not partial. If I were into men, Zishy would be about attractive men. My perspective is this: if you need to see someone treated like shit in order to get your kicks, then you have a lack of empathy, and you would be doing everyone, including yourself, a favor by finding a way to evolve.