This will sound like I am bitching, but the point of this rambling is to show appreciation. I am sure you are not surprised to hear that there are people who take my photos and share them freely and illegally online. In fact, there are people out there who make money off of pirating my shit. It does suck, but I would be lame to whine about it since I am in the same boat with most of the entertainment industry. For those of you who are taking my stuff for free, I just have to say thanks for the indirect compliment. If you find yourself in a relatively comfortable financial situation, please consider paying. I have made subscriptions affordable and your contributions truly make Zishy better. For those who are paying, thank you for being decent human beings. I strive daily to be worthy of the ethical example you have set. Perhaps there is hope for this Wasteland. For those profiting off of stealing other people's hard work, I hope you forget to look both ways when crossing your next street. Now, enjoy the wonderful Geri Burgess.