There are not too many things that I apologize for. I know that I have made and probably will continue to make many mistakes in my life. Adding censored images of a beautiful person like Logan Drae does not fall into this category. Unfortunately, I can not post direct nudity on here, even for members. Paypal, my payment processor, does not allow for their services to be used for 'adult products'. And so this dude abides. Even with my painful efforts to keep this site rated T for Tease, I still worry that one day Paypal will pull the plug on me, suspend my account, and revoke their services. But let us not dwell on this. Let us dwell on amazing women like Logan Drae. Her face can also be found in Webster's under 'adorable'. And that image of the bill for our meal, that's Logan's impromptu compliment to our waiter. She's just naturally sweet and kind and great and awesome and ... I can keep going.