Pharell Williams says that his latest album, "G I R L", is a homage to women and the inequality with men that they have faced throughout history. Fortunately, we have made strides to see past the many differences among our fellow humans, whether it be gender, skin color, sexual orientation, etc. May be Bill Hicks was right. He argued that our physical bodies have more or less finished evolving. What is now important is the evolution of our minds--how we think. So to those who judge people for taking revealing photos, I plead to them to EVOLVE. And for those who do not believe in evolution, you may recall that nothing was wrong with our naked bodies until we bit into that fruit from the tree of knowledge. This gallery could be the last of Adolisca Cooley, unless I can re-convince her to give the middle finger at the judgment of Puritans. Or may be it was the fact that I clumsily knocked over the candle onto her carpet! Stare well and savor.