Veronica Weston is a very serious person. She masks this by being hilarious and making you laugh with her. On this Saturday, we took to the streets as if we owned them. The mural gracing the facade of this New Balance store faces a major intersection. And there was plenty of traffic ogling playful Veronica. Somehow, I do not think this phased her in the least. Then, we visited Aah's, which is a novelty/costume store in the heart of West Los Angeles. Within minutes, we were told that photos were not allowed. Sadly, we disobeyed. There were some close calls, but all in all, everyone survived, even Bieber. By the way, Veronica Weston is shaking her buns to "Bubble Butt" by Major Lazer in the bonus video. Pick up the compact disc today! You can also spend time with Veronica on her cam thingy: