A renowned photographer once said to me that all women want to have sexy photos taken of them. Sure, there are exceptions to every rule, but on the whole, he is right. Who does not want to be considered sexually appealing? Dharma Webb is probably no different. I pay these girls as much as I can so that it does not feel like they are doing me favors, but let's face it, the amount is not going to change their lives. In my pebble-sized heart, I hope that these beautiful women take something more pleasant away from their Zishy experience than the extra cash. I hope they one day show these pics to their sexually-liberated grandkids and say "Hey, look at what a stone fox your old Granny used to be." On the flip-side, I have my doubts whether these girls are flattered by the "tasty ass" and "boner!" comments. Buncha shmucks.